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When it comes to getting a straighter smile, modern dentistry has advanced to the point of being able to offer many solutions for patients of all ages. At Evolution Dentistry, we're pleased to offer FASTBRACES technology to our patients and their families. This patented technology comprises wires and metal brackets that are designed to move the teeth by the roots instead of the crown, which expedites the teeth-straightening process. This is typically a 4 – 6-month treatment and is ideal for teenagers or adults alike who are interested in a quick and safe treatment option to straighten their teeth without committing to a longer process, like traditional metal braces or clear aligners. Adults and teenagers alike throughout Houston, TX have been able to enjoy a straighter, transformed smile in less time, thanks to FASTBRACES technology!

What Are The Benefits Of FastBraces?

In addition to helping you achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile, FASTBRACES at Evolution Dentistry in Houston, TX, offer multiple great benefits, including:

  • Cuts treatment time in half or more
  • Less visible than traditional braces
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Effective for teens and adults
  • Can be more comfortable than traditional braces
  • Fewer check-up visits
  • Advanced patented technology

Am I a Candidate for Fastbraces?

To find out if you might be an ideal candidate for FASTBRACES, patients will need to meet with one of our knowledgeable dentists, who will assess the state of their teeth. Once this is complete, we will be able to determine whether or not FASTBRACES may be the correct form of treatment. Patients of all ages — from children to adults — are welcome to schedule a consultation and learn more about their options. FASTBRACES are able to accomplish quick and effective teeth straightening, thanks to their patented design, which works to align teeth by the root and expand the alveolar bone without the need for expanders.

What Should I Expect When Getting FASTBRACES?

Patients who are deemed good candidates for FASTBRACES at Evolution Dentistry should expect the installation to be similar to traditional braces. Dr. El-Kheir will mount brackets on the individual's teeth that are connected by wires. Much like traditional orthodontics, these wires and brackets help straighten the teeth. But unlike regular braces, the FASTBRACES procedure at our Houston, TX office features triangle-shaped brackets and flexible wires to straighten the root of the tooth as well as the crown. For FASTBRACES patients, this means the entire process will be accelerated with better results than traditional orthodontics. Roots and crowns will begin straightening very soon following FASTBRACES installation, and the entire process may be over in as little as 120 days, a far cry from the 2 – 3 years of wear time for regular braces.


How are FASTBRACES different than traditional metal braces?
Like traditional braces, FASTBRACES straighten the teeth with a set of brackets and wires that move the teeth into alignment. However, the patented bracket technology employed by FASTBRACES moves the root of the teeth rather than the top of the teeth, making the process much more effective and faster.

Are FASTBRACES more comfortable than traditional metal braces?
Even though FASTBRACES work more quickly than traditional braces, they apply a more even, gentler pressure on the teeth that is typically more comfortable and less painful than traditional braces.

Will I have to wear a retainer after my FASTBRACES are removed?
Yes, you will. Unfortunately, with all teeth straightening using braces, if you don’t wear a retainer after they are removed, the teeth can shift. The good news: with FASTBRACES, you won’t have to wear a retainer all day, unlike treatments with traditional braces. After FASTBRACES, patients typically only need to wear their retainer for about 15 minutes each day instead of 22 hours a day!

Can adults get FASTBRACES?
Yes, they can. Many adults take advantage of the short treatment time offered by FASTBRACES to achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile.


Getting braces doesn't have to be a long-standing treatment. At Evolution Dentistry, we give our patients access to the latest and greatest techniques, including FASTBRACES patented technology. To find out if you or your child could qualify for this treatment, contact our office in Houston, TX, and schedule your appointment today.

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